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Clean Tech Energy Cheaper by the Month

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The cost of clean tech energy (wind and solar) keeps coming down. It used to be that clean energy had two problems – more costly, and more intermittent. The problem of being intermittent has yet to be overcome – its all about that storage and a smart grid – but wind and solar are on the verge of it being cheaper than coal, oil, gas, says the New York Times. That is a pretty big development.

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Philae – Resetta update – a waiting game

Just to update the earlier blog about the success of the Philae comet lander from the Rosetta mission, the most recent thinking is that things look pretty good despite the rough landing that happened a couple of weeks ago. Scientists are now pleased that the craft bounced, and landed against a cliff wall – it provided more interesting pictures of comet structures for example. If the craft does succeed in getting a charge for its batteries as the comet approaches the sun in 2015, then it may come back online and send additional data. The shadow of the cliff may actually make the craft last longer as the sun heats the comet. Stay tuned.

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Comet Lander Sends Photos and Data

I’m sure you’ve been following the news about the rather incredible comet lander, Rosetta, launched 10 years ago by the European Space Agency, which successfully landed on the comet a couple of days ago. Now pictures and data are coming in. If the crafts solar cells are adequately positioned (the craft is in the shadow of a cliff) the craft will operate for months. Most cool. Video from USA Today.

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Solar can provide most energy by end of century

I’ve written recently about how solar is getting cheaper and about how it may be growing too fast in the sense that the current energy grid and business systems cannot adjust quickly enough. But an interesting question is whether it would be possible to provide much, perhaps even most energy with solar by the end of the century. I believe this would be a good idea, and perhaps is even inevitable given the declining cost curve of solar, and the likely need to shift toward cleaner energy even if fossil fuels stay relatively abundant deep into the century. Here is an infographic that explores the capacity of solar to fulfill our energy needs that was sent to me yesterday. I think it undersells the challenge of building the energy grid and the storage systems that would make solar this feasible, but you will probably discover some facts you were unaware of as you explore the graphic.

Could The World Be 100% Solar?

Could The World Be 100% Solar? [Infographic] by the team at CashEuroNetUK, LLC

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