Glen Hiemstra Programs on iTunes

May 17th, 2013 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Innovation | Comments Off

I was on iTunes the other day and noticed that two free podcasts in which I was interviewed are available there. One is a fireside chat, audio only, conducted by Lisa Haneberg. The other is a 53-minute video interview that was part of a series called Future Talks, with the interview conducted by Roger Simon. To download the podcasts just go to the iTunes store and search for Glen Hiemstra.

In coming weeks we at will be launching a successor program to the Future Talks series, called Future Conversations. I will be doing the interviews this time, focusing on interesting people and what they have to say about the future. Stay tuned for announcements about how you will be able to access this video series.

Glen is interviewed by Roger Simon for Future Talks

Glen is interviewed by Roger Simon for Future Talks