Starting the New Year off right with Arthur C. Clarke

January 2nd, 2013 | By Mallory Smith | Posted in Art & Society, Business & Economy, Innovation, Science & Tech | Comments Off

“The only thing we can be sure of about the future is that it will be absolutely fantastic.” -Arthur C. Clarke

In 1964 Arthur C. Clarke made some wild assumptions about the future in  this clip below from BBC’s Horizon programme.

In this clip Clarke barely touches on the future of communication and its effect on cities, “The traditional role of the city as a meeting point for man will have ceased to make any sense—men will no longer commute, they will communicate.”

Interested in hearing more accurate predictions from Clarke? Watch the full version of this episode, parts 1 & 2, below.

And just for fun check out Clarke’s 2008 discussion about the Space Elevator.